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Hi, I'm Phumla Motsa

About Remote Ergonomics

As Registered Occupational Therapists we offer work from home ergonomic solutions to prevent injuries and improve work productivity.

I founded remote ergonomics to help individuals improve their home office set up using the science of ergonomics to prevent injuries and improve work productivity.

Remote Ergonomics is a 100% Black Women Owned business. It is a part of Motsa Occupational Therapy which has been operating since 2017 established within Work- Link Unit at NetCare Rehabilitation Hospital, Auckland park Johannesburg.

Imagine ...

…imagine commuting from your kitchen (with a cup of coffee) into an inspiring workspace that allows you to do your best work without pain or discomfort.
I want to ensure that your work productivity goals are met even if you choose to work from home. I have helped couples sharing the same workspace, I have helped tall individuals adjust chairs optimally, I have helped executives, entrepreneurs and kids set up an optimal workspace.

Phumla Motsa

Occupational Therapist


About Me

As a Consultant, Founder and mother of 2 boys I understand the pressures of working from home, managing a household and being required to produce excellent work consistently. For years I worked in a corporate (with plush adjustable chairs and an actual work desk).

In 2017 I left corporate, started my own practice and started working from home. I wrote a lot of reports from my dining room table, the floor, my bed, my kids desks or the couch. Eventually I developed pain in my right shoulder and wrists that I couldn’t shake off.

After a lot of research, heat packs as well as trial and error I invested in an adjustable chair, and at a later stage got an adjustable desk. I have not looked back! My personal experience and work productivity training lead me to further study ergonomics principles, and this is how remote ergonomics was birthed.

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