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Why should your team experience pain and discomfort while working?
Invest in your teams health by preventing disability and improving productivity outcomes

What We Offer

We offer on-site and virtual office ergonomic assessments and training, tailored to your organization’s needs. Our services include ergonomic assessments related to a medical recommendation from a doctor/physio/ chiro or a reasonable accommodation requirement (following an injury or surgery). Our intervention includes a screening assessment to identify high risk areas within the organization. We provide the basic tools to allow the Employees to use existing equipment to optimize their work performance. Should an employee be identified as high risk, an in-depth assessment of their workstation including lighting, work routines/habits is performed. We procure required endorsed office equipment. We focus on high impact low cost solutions therefore procuring new equipment is not our initial recommendation. (unless equipment is broken). Services are designed to increase work performance and decrease likelihood of work-related injuries.

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